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From our family to yours

Nestled in a quiet residential area of Prince George's County Maryland, Hannah's Heart Inc serves seniors in their needs enabling them to live comfortably, feel safe and secure.

Hannah's Heart Inc Assisted Living provides compassionate care in an assisted living environment that enhances while it rehabilitates individual lives.

We operate in compliance with COMAR 10.07.14 to assure that the facility and all staff members adhere to all policies, procedures, regulations, statutes and ordinances required to operate a safe environment for all it's residents at all times.

Hannah's Heart Inc Assisted Living Standards of Care, provides all residents with:

  • Maximum Independence
  • Promote the Principles of Aging in Place for all residents
  • Promote Individuality
  • Personal Dignity
  • Freedom of Choice and Fairness of all residents
  • Provide personal care for all residents while protecting their privacy and protecting them from physical, verbal or emotional harm in a secure manner.

Our Location

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