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About Us

Hannah's Heart Inc is owned and operated by a RN which 25 years Plus experience and background in the critical Hospital Setting. Hannah's Heart Inc requires all staff members to adhere to our Code of Conduct and Standards of Excellence. Through our Quality Assurance Program we monitor all phases of services provided to our residents to assure that quality of care is never jeopardized for any resident. Our program includes all phases of services including Food services, Medication Management, Personal Care Services, Service Plan, Monitoring for change in conditions of any of our residents and involvement with the residents physicians, pharmacist and family members and personal representatives.

Hannah's Heart Inc further has a strong commitment to our staff members through fair and effective human resources policies and procedures to:

  • Employ individuals on the basis of their qualifications and ability to perform the work required to provide services to our residents.
  • Provide salaries and benefits which bear a fair and reasonable relationship to the work performed.
  • Establish reasonable hours of work Maintain a working environment that is safe, healthful and free from harassment.
  • Actively encourage constructive suggestions which relate to methods, procedures, working conditions and the nature of the work performed.

The organization expects all staff to be accountable and responsible and to uphold the facility-wide Standards for Service Excellence.    

Our Location

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